Turning Covid times into business success

Updated: Jul 30


Over the coming weeks I will share my monthly “Top 5 Tips” on a variety of topics drawing from my experience in the fashion industry both in Australia and abroad. If you had a topic in particular you wanted my tips on please reach out.

I have had quite a few designers reach out over the past few months during these unprecedented Covid-19 times. Each has the same concerns; business has dropped, production is down, collections may have needed to have been cancelled, and photoshoots postponed. As I have mentored a few clients through these past few weeks, I thought to share here my tips to stay motivated during this period and find ways to stay relevant to come out on top.

(Photo credit: Carly Vidal Wallace)


We are often so busy in the “day-to-day” of our businesses that we never get a chance to step back and reflect on making sure we are going in the right direction. You will hear some people use the expression “not working IN the business but ON the business”. If you have some down time at the moment, now is the time to plot out where you want the business to be in the next few years and what you could put in place to get there. This does not need to be complex and can be a simple list of steps. Without a road map, it is hard to get to the destination. If you need a great book to help you get started, I always learn something new each time I read The E-Myth Revisited Why Most Small Businesses Don't Work and What to Do About It by Michael E. Gerber. (My copy is bent, written all over and so many years old by still so relevant!). (Photo credit: Carly Vidal Wallace)


Another great positive with having spare time, is the chance to really focus on the strategy of your social media. Make sure you have a great reason for what you are posting and that it is relevant to your brand and resonates with your followers. Now more than ever consumers are tired of “fake” and the last thing they want to see are products in their faces with no story or feeling.

Instead think to share your journey with your viewers to make the experience with your brand more personal. Take the time to document things like “a day in the life of” or “tour of the studio” so you can easily pull on this content when you start getting busy again and don’t have the time. If you are not already using a posting app, or have a social media calendar, now is a great time to get planning.


Something that often takes a long time and is never at the top of our to-do-lists, is to clean up all your online profiles. Do tasks like google yourself or your brand name and make sure that every image or article that comes up is exactly “on brand”. You can have articles or tags removed if they no longer relate to your business or are too outdated. Think about things like taking the time to have new profile images shot; make sure your bio is up to date, and all links still working. The final step when you are sure everything is in order, is to use this time to reach out to new connections. People are feeling isolated and overwhelmed so it is a great time to genuinely reach out to new contacts. Start following journalists, editors or public relations specialists; take this time to be really social, “like” and comment and genuinely build relationships. (Photo credit: @arnelhasanovic/unsplash)


Not something you would not have already heard during this pandemic, however this is a brilliant time to upskill. If you are tight for time maybe upskill for you is simply reading a new book, or following some new tutorials online, whatever it may be, make it your quest at this stage to keep learning. As a further tip, if you are running your own business and do not understand fully the dynamics of paid social media campaigns make sure you read up on this. You can never know too much, and the key to a successful business is knowledge, so make sure you are always learning. (Photo credit: @joelmuniz/unsplash)


These are very unique days we are living through. Maybe your dream was to launch your new collection and have a runway series with plenty of guests, and the pandemic has completely crushed all your goals or depleted any savings you had to start your own business? So my last tip is to stay healthy, meaning mentally and physically healthy. Don’t get caught up in watching other people success, set to your own plan and keep on going no matter what. Get out for fresh air, do your exercises, make sure you have some time just to relax and not stress, and make sure you have really set priority lists. Sometimes when there is nothing on the agenda it is easy to get nothing done, so regardless of if you are busy or not get through your task list and keep setting new goals. (Photo credit: @patrickmalleret/unsplash)

Onwards! I hope these help.

Until next month - Carly



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